LED Tube TrueFit™ (Type A/B) BAA Compliant

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LED Tube TrueFit™ (Type A/B) BAA Compliant

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The TGS TrueFit™ LED T8 lamp offers an easy and safe energy-saving retrofit solution for fluorescent tube lamps, with over 125 lumens per watt. The TrueFit™ lamp provides universal operating options: plug and play with instant-start electronic ballasts, or bypass the existing ballast to run directly off line voltage.

The Truefit™ LED T8 lamp provides instant energy savings and superior quality uniform, flicker-free lighting in a complete package. It uses about half the energy as T8 fluorescent lamps, with up to 70% reduction of overall operating costs. The UL, cUL, and RoHS certified lamps are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, and 8′ lengths, in 4 different wattages (12W, 15W, 18W, 29W), with the form, fit, and function of traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. The TrueFit™ lamp is constructed with a polycarbonate optical diffuser, which provides a wide beam angle of 120° for comprehensive spatial illumination.

Featuring a unique advanced heat sink technology that ensures maximum thermal management, the Truefit™ is backed by a 5 year/50,000 hour warranty for a long life of maintenance-