Universal Street Light™ G5 BAA Compliant


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TGS LED Universal Street Light™ G5 provides outstanding performance with the highest lumen output for universal solutions encompassing indoor/outdoor commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Featuring a 180° beam angle and ultra-efficient 150 LpW, the Universal Street Light™ G5 delivers maximum efficiency with energy savings over 80%. The G5 lamp operates on line voltage, eliminating ballast replacement and lamp degradation. The TGS Universal Street Light™ G5 is a direct replacement for metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lamps in fixtures with a mogul and medium base. It is an ideal replacement for cobra head, shoebox, wall pack, or canopy style lighting.

Best-in-class advanced thermal management operates with a passive cooling isolated driver, requiring no fan. It allows a high degree of light generation without the risk of overheating in higher temperature applications such as enclosed fixtures and hot weather climates. Resistant to moisture, shock, and vibration, the Universal Street Light™ G5 features an internal power supply and is 100% recyclable.

A high CRI provides superior correlation to a wide range of selected color temperatures, which range from 1900K to 5000K to satisfy lighting requirements in a variety of environments. Additional proprietary CCTs are also available: Wildlife-Friendly and HPS Match – designed to replicate the look of HPS lamps. UL, cUL, and RoHS listed, and IP64 rated, Universal Street Light™ G5 is a practical and economical retrofit for indoor/outdoor lighting. The TGS Universal Street Light™ G5 is backed by a 6 year/60,000 hour warranty for a long life of maintenance-free service.

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