WPS — Semi-Cutoff Wall Pack


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SKU: WPS-30W-50K-U-D, WPS-30W-40K-U-D, WPS-40W-50K-U-D, WPS-40W-40K-U-D, WPS-65W-50K-U-D,WPS-65W-40K-U-D, WPS-90W-50K-U-D,WPS-90W-40K-U-D, WPS-135W-50K-U-D,WPS-135W-40K-U-D Categories: ,


The WPS semi-cutoff wall pack has a rugged and durable construction that can be installed in an indoor or outdoor environment. It is suitable for wet locations. The lens is made from polycarbonate which gives clean and glare-free illumination.

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