Commercial Office


Commercial Office Commercial offices have a lot of varied lighting needs, whether it’s illuminating offices, conference rooms and lobbies or more utilitarian spaces like parking lots, stairwells and restrooms. Our LED lighting provides energy efficient illumination versatile for any office environment. Return to Applications [...]



EDUCATION Schools and other educational settings demand efficient, uniform and increased LED lighting to raise productivity and ensure students and staff can easily see their work surfaces. LED lighting requires less maintenance and cuts energy costs across these large and demanding spaces. Return to Applications [...]



GOVERNMENT In collaboration with Boeing, Space Florida, and NASA, TGS supplied aerospace-grade industrial LED lighting solutions for C3PF: Space Florida’s Commercial Cargo Processing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center. TGS provided customized high bay lighting solutions to reduce energy use by at least 55% while generating a 220% increase [...]



Healthcare Our LED lighting can help greatly reduce operating costs at hospitals and other healthcare facilities through lower maintenance and energy costs while improving visibility, safety and well-being for staff – from administrative areas and patient rooms to elevators and parking structures. Return to Applications [...]

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